January 4, 2024

How PDQ improved Latico's checkout conversion by 9% + revenue by $312,000+

We had the pleasure of catching up with Ben Schreiber, Head of eCommerce at Latico, and founder of performance marketing agency Brand Caffeine, to hear about PrettyDamnQuick’s impact on Latico. 

About Latico 

Latico handcrafts the highest quality leather handbags, wallets, & accessories. Family-run since 1984, they’ve been crafting heirloom-quality leathers for close to 40 years. 

The Challenge 

Ben, who operates both from the brand side and as a performance marketer through his agency, is always looking for ways to optimize his performance metrics. This is especially true regarding the processes he was less in control of as a marketer: the checkout-to-delivery.

“We spend so much of our time focusing on ads, email, landing pages, creative, but there's no reason why the checkout process and the shipping optimization shouldn't be absolutely perfect. 

We've worked so hard to acquire that customer so when you're five yards away from the finish line, you really got to push it there and make sure you have all your ducks in a row.”

Besides losing customers on the shipping page, he knew there’s just always room for improvement:

“As a founder or operator in commerce, you're always looking for low-hanging fruit and easy ways to move the ball forward that will increase conversion and profit.”

The Onboarding

Ben says the onboarding process was seamless, taking just a few days. Ben was added to a group chat with the team team, who ensured all his brand’s particular needs and wants were addressed quickly and efficiently. 

“I didn't expect to have 11 different people always following up with me. I didn't go 30 minutes without getting an answer, so it was a really great onboarding process. And equally important, you know, the PDQ team was following up every other day with results and analysis”.

It helped Ben and his team understand the details and have confidence in what PDQ does, and excited to continue to improve their website’s funnel.

The Solution

Once Latico downloaded the PrettyDamnQuick Shopify app, PDQ’s software analyzed Latico’s shop data: average order sizes, shipping times, checkout performance, and more. Then it did the same for the post-checkout delivery: carrier delivery activity, their popular delivery zones, and of course, shipping rates. 

Then they got to work, testing and retesting until they found the optimal, highest conversion checkout for Latico.  For example, Latico’s shipping options in checkout we rewritten to clearly communicate the different options’ arrival times, prices, and options. Doing this increased checkout conversion by 9%.

And by crunching the data on average order sizes, PDQ lifted the free shipping threshold encouraging shoppers to increase their average order size by $12.72.

In fact, just by clearly describing the more premium shipping options, they more than doubled the rate of shoppers choosing prioritized shipping.

Finally, the team turned to improving Latico’s shipping and delivery practices by shipping each order with the carrier and service level that can deliver on time for the lowest price, while increasing shipping revenues by an additional 51%.

The Results

  • 9% increase checkout conversion
  • $12.72 higher AOV 
  • 51% more shipping revenue
  • $312,000 in annual revenue uplift

Overall, by optimizing Latico’s checkout and delivery, PrettyDamnQuick was able to increase their revenue by 10%, a massive uplift. 

“With PrettyDamnQuick’s checkout solution, we were able to increase our checkout conversion rate by optimizing shipping methods, using data driven ‘arrive by’ dates, and dynamic cutoff times. By increasing the intelligence of our operations, we were able to increase that bottom line conversion”

But that’s not all, it also gave the Latico team the confidence to scale up their growth and operation, knowing they can handle an increase in sales without a problem, and that their funnel was making the most of every shopper.

What’s next?

Besides continuing to optimize shipping times and arrival dates, Ben has his sights set on PDQ’s new Product Page Promise, which shows an ‘arrives by’ date on the product page.

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