Checkout optimization tips that really work

This one’s a good one. Fuel Made's tips to maximize your conversion are awesome.

But first, a bit about Fuel Made:

They’re a Shopify Plus agency and Klayvio Platinum partner. They specialize in providing full services, including strategy and consulting to UX design, development, custom themes, and email marketing services.

Here are the quick wins they shared that all brands can benefit from:

  1. Less is more: Avoid too many competing buttons and messages, especially by your add to cart button. Minimize any potential distractions that push customers away from funneling to and throught the checkout.
  2. Clear CTA: Use direct and consistent “call to action” buttons throughout the site so that the CTA is obvious and in line with the brand.
  3. Sticky buttons: Enable a sticky “add to cart” button that stays visibile so it stays top of mind and accessible for customers.
  4. Authentic brand voice: Ensure personalized, relevant, and consistent messaging across platforms for a seamless user experience from ads to checkout. Personalize their account section with names, order history, and an easy reorder option to create a familiar and personal touch.
  5. Shipping and Returns Messaging: Place shipping and returns information in a static bar site-wide and incorporate it into the product page and "add to cart" button for easy access. Reiterate the messaging throughout the customer experience. You can even add shipping information on the product page with PrettyDamnQuick.
  6. Keep it short: Make sure that there aren't too many steps in the checkout process – and definitely don’t ask users for the same information over and over again.
  7. Streamline the funnel: Minimize checkout steps and offer quick pay options and limit checkout to one or maximum two pages, if feasible. 
  8. Clearly share shipping & delivery fees and timelines: If a customer is getting free shipping, make sure they know it! Re-emphasize shipping costs and speeds at checkout so customers know when they’ll be getting their orders. One of the most common mistakes Fuel Made sees brands doing is not clearly communicating delivery times, which is easily solved with an app like PrettyDamnQuick.
  9. Leverage subscriptions & loyalty programs: Subscription benefit stores with recurring revenue and enhancing the customer experience by streamlining the checkout. Subscriptions work especially well for consumables, skincare, and wellness products. For non-subscription items, brands can create a loyalty program, encouraging product sharing and repeat visits. Notify customers about new arrivals and loyalty incentives. Fuel Made uses Smile IO, Loyalty Lion, and Yopto for effective loyalty-building.

Bonus tip: Post-purchase communication

A common pitfall that Fuel Made encounters is when stores spend a ton of resources building out a beautiful brand experience on their website, and then they send out cookie-cutter emails. 

To enhance post-purchase engagement, Fuel Made suggests personalized follow-up messages after order fulfillment, product reminders based on browsing history, and educational emails about purchased products. In thank-you emails, brands are advised to avoid generic ‘Thank you for ordering’ emails and instead include personalized details like expected delivery timelines, unboxing experiences, and any relevant instructions.

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