7 ways to boost conversion on your Shopify site with FAV Solution

FAV Solution is a PrettyDamnQuick partner, and they specialize in eCommerce migrations, full builds, rebuilds, and redesigns, as well as support, maintenance, and optimization. They’re also a Shopify Plus partner listed in the top 1% of Shopify agencies in the world. 

FAV Solution Founder & CEO, Adrien, walked us through a user’s journey for optimal conversion and shared 7 main tips he suggests all eCommerce brands implement to optimize conversion.

1. Navigation and Hero Banner

Adrien’s biggest immediate callouts are when a site’s navigation and announcement bar aren’t  sticky, and can be missed. He explained that if you start scrolling and lose the navigation bar it eliminates people’s ability to swiftly go through websites. “I want the hero banner to fit on the screen above the fold” and added, “If you can have the value proposition there, that's even better.” By using sticky navigation and a banner with a clear value proposition, users can easily navigate through any website while having a strong understanding of a site’s mission. 

2. CTAs & Buttons

Buttons that “call to action” may seem like a minor piece of the eCommerce site puzzle, but it’s important for them to be strong. He noticed that “quite often, brands are not going to have an obvious call to action on the website,” which is a huge miss in his opinion. 

“Having clear CTAs is a very quick win, so make them big and bright” Adrien highlighted.

Adrien also highlighted a best practice to keep the “add to cart” button above the fold. A quick win for mobile site optimization is to use full-width buttons instead of small buttons. Quite often, people use small buttons, and using full-width buttons makes sure customers won’t miss CTAs on mobile. 

3. Website Navigation

It’s important to help users navigate efficiently and quickly through the website and key ways to do so are through search and filters. Adrien shared data showing that shoppers using filters or search are four times more likely to convert than the ones that aren’t. So, ensure your search bar is visible to create the best customer experience. 

Optimizing the checkout

Now for our personal favorite part of the user journey at PDQ, the checkout! Adrien shared the following 4 great insights on checkout:

4. Flyout cart

Adrien highly recommends brands use a flyout cart on their websites. He explained that shoppers don’t want to see a cart page anymore. Pushing clients to go from a flyout cart to the checkout is the move, he says. His rationale is that “you don't need to reload the page, so you're saving clicks, you're saving time, and there is nothing you're going to do on the cart page that you can’t do on the flyout cart.”

5. Relevant payment options 

It’s important to meet your customers where they’re at, and that includes offering a variety of payment options. It’s good to have Shop Pay (by Shopify) and to offer a BNPL (buy now pay later) option to enable payment installments. If you’re unsure of which payment options to offer, he suggested trying them out, but keeping an eye on the data and the usage and just keeping the ones being used the most.

6. Messaging 

Much like what we recommend at PDQ, Adrien recommended clear and simple messaging on the checkout page. Including reassuring messaging gives customers the confidence to finish the buying process. If these apply, go with the tried and true ones, like: “Free shipping and free returns”, “made in the US”, and “warranty included”.

7. Shipping options

When it comes to the Shipping section at checkout, Adrien recommended brands use PDQ, particularly for analyzing and A/B testing the checkout.  He recommended testing increasing prices of shipping methods until the conversion rate decreases to maximize revenues from shipping methods.

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