April 9, 2024

No Sweat: PDQ & Duradry’s Quest for Optimization

About Duradry

Duradry, founded six years ago by Jack Benzaquen, is a personal care brand created to address excessive sweating with a formula that's both effective and clean. Born from Jack's personal struggle, the brand combines scientific innovation with high-quality ingredients to offer reliable antiperspirant solutions. Duradry has quickly become a trusted name for those seeking efficient sweat control without compromising on health or environmental standards, all while maintaining a strong commitment to consumer trust and product transparency.

Some Quick Stats: 

  • Increased shipping revenues: +$0.44 per order by incentivizing premium shipping methods with added value and a clear (fast) delivery promise, 
  • Cart abandonment drop: Decreased dropoff at the shipping stage of checkout by over 10 basis points
  • Shipping promises on product pages (PDPs) showed a 6.66% improvement in performance

The Challenge:

Navigating Standard Checkout Limitations

Duradry's checkout process was a basic Shopify template, slightly modified but overall lacking in optimization for a premium customer experience. The setup included a simple cross-sell widget and maintained a traditional three-step checkout process (these perform best for Duradry). While functional, it didn't leverage opportunities to improve conversion rates or maximize shipping revenue—two critical areas for any e-commerce shop’s success.

| I was hesitant to start, but Avi said just try it for 2 months, so I did. And the ROI is really there. And you guys just took care of everything

The Solution:

Partnering with PDQ for Checkout Excellence

PDQ entered the scene to transform Duradry's shipping and checkout strategy. Through comprehensive A/B testing and shipping promise adjustments, PDQ significantly enhanced the customer checkout experience. 

Jack praised the seamless integration and hands-off implementation process, highlighting PDQ's proactive approach to optimizing every aspect of the checkout, from shipping options to revenue maximization.

| The team has great communication every step of the way, it’s like “here’s what we’re thinking the next test should look like, here’s the hypothesis” then it’s “OK, it’s set up, take a look and let’s go live when you’re ready” and then they share all the results. Super happy with the service thus far”

The Results:

Achieving Conversion and Enjoying the Journey

Duradry's partnership with PDQ has not only led to measurable improvements in shipping revenue and checkout conversion rates but has also cultivated a positive and productive relationship between the two teams. 

With PDQ's expertise, Duradry has seen a tangible ROI, encouraging further exploration of strategies to enhance customer experience and business outcomes. As Duradry continues to grow and evolve, PDQ remains a key player in their success story, exemplifying the power of a partnership built on both results and mutual respect.

| The thing with optimizing your checkout or shipping revenue is that even a few cents move the needle, you’re at the last step, it makes a big difference.

What’s next

  • More price sensitivity testing (including testing different delivery methods for different order sizes)
  • Trying cart upsells like insurance and adding dynamic trust badges so every segment sees the highest converting messaging for them
  • Experimenting further with the product page delivery promise

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