May 23, 2024

&Collar's Checkout Uplift & Shipping Savings with PDQ

About &Collar

&Collar sells menswear to make men's lives easier. Their main products are dress shirts that are stretchy, moisture-wicking, low maintenance, stain-repellent, and just comfortable. Because just because you’ve got to wear a dress shirt doesn’t mean you want to feel like you’re wearing one.

The Quick Stats

  • 6% increase in gross margin
  • 4.5% more premium shipping options picked
  • 15% reduction in delivery related customer support tickets
  • $0.20 more per order in shipping revenue

The Challenge

Before partnering with PDQ, &Collar, a menswear brand focused on comfortable, low-maintenance clothing, faced several challenges. Their shipping strategy was basic, with a flat $7 standard shipping fee and no data-driven approach.

“[Before PDQ] we did $7 shipping. There was no rhyme, reason, or data to support that, we just did it.”

This simplistic model was hurting their shipping revenues and customer satisfaction. Additionally, customer support inquiries about delivery timelines were high, and there was a lack of visibility and accountability in their 3PL (third-party logistics) operations.

On PDQ’s support:

We can create a big laundry list or a short laundry list and just send it over to Josh and just very systematically. Each one is knocked out. Our team is sending an email and there's a response within three minutes. It's a little bit scary.”

The Solution

PDQ provided &Collar with a comprehensive solution, revolutionizing their approach to shipping and checkout processes. PDQ offered a hands-on, white-glove service, suggesting best practices and strategies to optimize shipping revenue and improve customer experience.

“I don't know if there's ever been a faster demo call to implementation and live on the site than this”

This included dynamic pricing, A/B testing for shipping options, and clear communication of delivery dates at checkout. PDQ's integration with &Collar's 3PL operations also increased accountability and visibility, leading to more efficient operations and fewer customer complaints.

The Results

The partnership with PDQ led to significant improvements for &Collar:

  • A noticeable increase in shipping revenue, with strategic pricing and new shipping options.
  • An extra 6% gained in their gross margin.
  • A reduction in customer support tickets regarding delivery times by approximately 15%, thanks to clearer communication at checkout.
  • Enhanced 3PL accountability and operations, leading to more efficient and reliable order processing and delivery. “it's increased accountability, made difficult conversations easy.”
  • Successful A/B tests, like experimenting with different shipping fees and adding new shipping options, provided conclusive and beneficial changes to their model.

What's Next?

&Collar plans to continue leveraging PDQ's expertise and technology to refine their shipping and checkout processes further.

Future focuses include:

  • Implementing more dynamic and customer-centric shipping options based on ongoing A/B testing results.
  • Enhancing visibility on product delivery pages (PDPs) to provide customers with even more accurate delivery timelines.
  • Exploring new ways to integrate PDQ's data-driven approach into other aspects of their operations, aiming for continuous improvement in customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

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