May 7, 2024

Groove Life - How we added $616,000 to annual revenue while reducing support tickets by 80%

We’ve been working with Groove Life to decrease their checkout abandonment and customer support tickets.

And so far? They’re seeing a massive upside.

About GrooveLife 

Groove Life is a fast-growing, value-driven, eCommerce store that produces adventure-inspired outdoor lifestyle product lines. Adventure guide Peter Goodwin started with just one silicon ring and quickly expanded to all sorts of adventure-ready accessories and products.

The Challenge 

Groove Life had their product and marketing close to perfection, but still struggled with operations and their delivery promise. Unclear delivery communication was losing them sales and their support team was bombarded with WISMO (“where’s my order?”) tickets, which were at a staggering 718 a month before onboarding with PDQ.

We had 3 main objectives: 

1. Reduce first-time shopper checkout abandonment

2. Reduce WISMO tickets 

3. Increase shipping revenue

The Solution

We ran a series of tests to identify the levers that would impact each of these goals.

  1. Reducing first-time shopper abandonment: We ran a test, offering first time shoppers free shipping for orders over $65, and this proved to be a game-changer. In another test, we managed to increase conversion by 4% just by making a clear and accurate delivery promise.
  2. To reduce WISMO tickets, we made the copy on the checkout page much clearer, letting shoppers know when their order would arrive. Then we integrated Gladly, their CS platform, so that every support agent had full visibility over the delivery progress of every order, enabling them to respond to any issues in real-time, instead of waiting for a customer to reach out.
  3. To increase shipping revenue, PDQ pushed more shoppers to select their premium shipping option for $6.99, from 9% to 13% with a clearer delivery promise and more perceived value. Then they analyzed the zones orders shipping to and optimized the service levels used so that expensive shipping options weren’t being used to ship nearby, even if an express option was selected (close proximity means it’ll get there quickly even with less expensive shipping options).

Their checkout uplift

Increased overall checkout conversion

The Results

After just a few weeks of A/B testing different shipping methods, with a control and test group,
PDQ was making a massive impact:

  • 7% less abandonment on the shipping page
  • 80% reduction in WISMO customer support tickets
  • $616,000 uplift in annualized revenue

Plus, with PDQ integrated into their CS platform Gladly, the support team has full visibility on the delivery progress of every single order, enabling them to respond to any issues in real-time.

What’s next?

We have a few upcoming A/B tests planned for Groove: 

  • Optimizing their free shipping threshold to further increase AOV
  • Targeting returning customers with special shipping offers
  • Segmenting and targeting customers in zones closer to inventory locations

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