May 7, 2024

How Miss Nori Improved Their Conversion by 20% with PrettyDamnQuick

Miss Nori sees a 20% boost in conversion rates after utilizing PrettyDamnQuick to expand delivery options and improve customer site experience.

20% Increase in conversion rates

15% Increase in returning customers

"As a growing eCommerce business, providing a positive shopping experience is always top of mind. When we first approached PrettyDamnQuick, we looked for a cost-effective way to add delivery options to our checkout and give shoppers more flexible choices, including same-day delivery and in-store pick-up. With PrettyDamnQuick, we were able to implement a wide range of popular delivery methods almost immediately, and present them at checkout, while also giving our customers a transparent view of their order, and when their delivery will arrive. Our customer’s response was fantastic. Conversion rates increased by 20%, and repeat customers grew by 15%, all within one sales quarter! "

Itamar Yosha, Owner, Miss Nori

Meet Miss Nori

Miss Nori is an online fashion store catering primarily to the Israeli market. Founded in 2014 by Elinor Baruch Yosha, while she was still a law student, Miss Nori is driven by Elinor’s vision to offer the most on-trend, affordable styles that are a must for any wardrobe.

The Challenges

  • Adding and managing new shipping carriers in an efficient, cost-effective way
  • Presenting delivery options on the checkout page
  • Providing a realistic delivery promise at checkout and meeting expected delivery times

Popular fashion retailer Miss Nori has gained an extensive following across Israel, and the team is laser-focused on ensuring an optimal shopping experience for their loyal customers. Although Miss Nori has been selling online for several years, the retailer’s shipping and delivery options were limited, hindering its ability to provide a positive buying journey and fully capitalize on the growing demand for its products.

The Miss Nori team realized they needed to expand their shipping to include popular options like same-day delivery and store pick-up. However, adding more carriers would require them to manage each one separately and undermine their ability to provide an accurate and attractive delivery promise to their customers. Miss Nori looked for a solution that would allow them to integrate more carriers in a cost-effective and efficient manner, present a wide range of attractive delivery options at checkout, and enable them to provide an accurate delivery promise of when the order will arrive, while supporting them logistically to uphold their delivery arrival commitment.

The Solution and Key Results

To enhance the online shopping experience and provide customers with a flexible range of shipping and delivery options, Miss Nori chose to partner with PrettyDamnQuick. After a quick integration, Miss Nori was able to leverage PrettyDamnQuick’s dynamic checkout and offer shoppers an attractive choice of delivery options tailored to the customer’s specifics (ship-to location, cart value, products ordered, and more) without needing to negotiate and manage multiple carrier relationships separately. It’s all done through PrettyDamnQuick.

For Miss Nori, the ability to present delivery choices on the checkout page is critical to ensuring a seamless shopping experience. By integrating PrettyDamnQuick, Miss Nori can now provide shoppers with a selection of delivery options right at checkout, and a clear delivery promise.

Thanks to the expanded delivery options, transparent delivery time estimation, and smooth checkout, Miss Nori’s customers quickly took notice of the improved shopping experience. The site saw a 20% increase in conversion rates and a 15% boost in returning customers, all within one sales quarter! Miss Nori was also able to reduce delivery times by 50%.

Screen Shot 2022-03-20 at 17.00.09
Miss Nori customers enjoy an attractive choice of delivery options with expected delivery times presented right on the checkout page.

Unexpected Bonus: Optimized Workflow & Improved Efficiency by 5X

After implementing PrettyDamnQuick to improve their delivery options, the team at Miss Nori realized they could also leverage PrettyDamnQuick to streamline their order fulfillment process, scale operations, and strengthen their logistics workflow.

By utilizing PrettyDamnQuick’s intuitive interface and workspace, Miss Nori was able to revamp its pick & pack process and add automation to its order-to-delivery workflow. As a result, Miss Nori reduced the number of employees dedicated to pick & pack by 50%, while at the same time increasing daily order fulfillment capacity from 200 orders per day to 350 orders per day, an uplift of 75%!

Miss Nori also reduced the number of errors caused by manual order fulfillment by 90%. After calculating all the improvements in its process, Miss Nori discovered an increase in operational efficiency of 5X compared to how they were working before implementing PrettyDamnQuick.

Built to Scale

The fact that PrettyDamnQuick is built to scale and meet the needs of a growing online business gives the team at Miss Nori peace of mind and assurance to focus on new ways of expanding their online presence.  

“PrettyDamnQuick has been a game-changer for us. We knew that the platform could help us become more efficient, but we were amazed at how much of an improvement we experienced! Since working with PrettyDamnQuick, we have streamlined operations & reduced costs significantly, enabling us to be more productive, and provide a better customer experience. Also, PrettyDamnQuick is easy to implement and master. Perfect for a growing online business that needs a straightforward and scalable solution. The fact that we can expand our business with PrettyDamnQuick gives us the confidence to explore new business channels and increase our online activity.”

Itamar Yosha, Owner, Miss Nori

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