May 7, 2024

How BeerBazaar Increased Sales by 4x and Decreased Operational Costs by 60%

  Revenue Growth

  4x increase in Sales

  On Time Deliveries Rate

  98% of deliveries made as promised

  Customer Satisfaction

  6X increase in positive reviews

  Customer Retention

  42% returning customers

  # of Active Carriers

  4 Carriers, each with different SLA options

  Workforce Efficiency

  60% decrease in operational costs

  Critical Feature Added

  Driver fleet for special delivery situations

"The volume of beer sold at the onset of the pandemic overwhelmed our systems and processes. We realized that it’s not just a matter of handing orders off to carriers - there are many details and nuances that need to be coordinated and managed in order to ensure we live up to the customer promise.

- Guy Aharoni, Manager of BeerBazaar

Meet BeerBazaar

BeerBazaar is Israel’s leading brand for craft beer with a brewery and 5 locations. They launched their online store in February 2020, just before the Covid pandemic arrived in Israel. BeerBazaar prides itself on adapting to the customer. They focus on the customer experience of picking out craft beer in a fun, relaxed, and simple way.

Early Delivery Challenges

  • No tools for reconciling monthly bills from carriers
  • 3 separate tools for managing the fulfillment lifecycle
  • Relied on Shopify for order processing
  • Relied on API to carrier for creating shipping labels one at a time
  • Relied on carrier software for tracking deliveries

Delivery Challenges with Increasing Growth

  • Once Covid arrived in Israel, online sales increased from 20-30 customer orders a day to an average of 400 orders a day, and some days with more than 1,000 orders
  • Connection to only one carrier, who’s capacity was quickly exceeded
  • The logistics team jumped from 2 to a team of more than 6 full-time staff that still struggled to manage daily shipments on time. This was also 3x the cost of the allotted operational expenses for the company
  • SLA increased from next day delivery Israel-wide to 6-8 days (6X decrease in delivery SLA)
  • Unable to fulfill all deliveries on time and as promised - less than 80% of deliveries arrived as promised
  • 3% of deliveries had to be packed and fulfilled twice due to human error

When Covid emerged, BeerBazaar’s online order volume increased exponentially. They quickly began a search to find a solution that would allow them to adapt orders to customer needs and geographic challenges, and also to minimize the human errors and labor costs that grew astronomically as a result.

They needed to be able to connect to multiple carriers, have the ability to choose a carrier based on a variety of criteria, print labels in bulk and batch them, have flexible delivery windows to meet their customer expectations, and find innovative solutions to deliver to areas where their carriers couldn’t reach on time.  

The Solution and Key Results

PrettyDamnQuick enabled BeerBazaar to tighten its logistics processes in every possible way. Using PDQ cut operational costs by 4x, because it enabled the warehouse team to successfully fulfill 500 orders a day with only 2 people, instead of 6.

"PrettyDamnQuick allows us as managers to have full control over everything that happens with our packages, and lowers our dependence on shipping companies.
From the moment we launched PrettyDamnQuick, we were able to produce shipping labels in just seconds - saving hours of people-power every single day. "

- Guy Aharoni, Manager of BeerBazaar

The platform also allowed BeerBazaar to leverage multiple shipping carriers to their customers, giving them more delivery options, which has been a key driver for customer success and customer retention – more than 40% of BeerBazaar customers are return customers. In total, PrettyDamnQuick successfully processed more than 35,000 BeerBazaar customer orders since March 2020. In less than 6 months, BeerBazaar made it to the top 10 Israeli Shopify stores, all thanks to PrettyDamnQuick.

"After implementing PrettyDamnQuick, our productivity increased by 500% we hanaged to create a golden triangle between the operation, customer service, and the site itself."

- Guy Aharoni, Manager of BeerBazaar

Summary of BeerBazaar’s Growth

  • Expanded to 3 different carriers, connected all at once with the ability to choose the optimum carrier in real-time based on availability, ability to deliver as promised, and cost
  • Customers could choose from 3 different levels of delivery SLA at checkout
  • Same day delivery
  • Next day delivery
  • 3-5 day delivery
  • Scaled to more than 500 orders a day consistently with just 2 employees
  • Ability to process, batch, and print all of the day’s orders  with automated rules and priorities
  • Added a new revenue stream using several delivery methods at different pricing
  • Ability to manage the fulfillment lifecycle in one tool, saving time and minimizing human error
  • Ability to track deliveries and reconciliation on all orders

About PrettyDamnQuick

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Watch our 32-second video here: beer eCommerce store, BeerBazaar partners with PrettyDamnQuick to streamline its fulfillment processes. BeerBazaar increased sales by 55% and decreased operational costs by 4x in just 3 months.

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