June 5, 2024

How Levain Delivers Their Famous Freshly Baked Cookies with PDQ

Introduction to Levain Bakery

Levain Bakery, a cherished New York establishment since its inception nearly 30 years ago, began as a small bakery on W 74th Street. Founded by Pam Weekes and Connie McDonald, who still remain at the heart of the company, Levain has grown from its humble beginnings into a powerhouse in both physical and e-commerce spaces. Known for its signature gooey-centered cookies, Levain Bakery has made significant strides in expanding its e-commerce presence, effectively adding four (!) additional bakeries to its operations through its online platform.

The Challenge

Prior to using PrettyDamnQuick (PDQ), Levain Bakery was utilizing legacy delivery software for its shipping needs. However, Gustavo Cardona, the VP of Technology at Levain, noted several critical issues:

  • Scalability Concerns: The existing processes were not scalable with their growth, particularly in handling large volumes of orders which became a bottleneck during peak times like holidays.
  • Integration and Automation Limitations: There was a lack of seamless integration between Shopify and the legacy software, leading to manual and time-consuming processes for label printing and order tracking updates.
  • Operational Inefficiencies: The workflow before PDQ involved multiple systems and manual updates, which complicated the shipping process and led to potential errors and delays.

Gustavo emphasized the inefficiency in their previous setup,

"It wasn't scalable. If we wanted to grow the business the way we want to, this is not scalable."

The Solution

Levain Bakery adopted PDQ as their new shipping platform to address these challenges. The transition to PDQ brought about several improvements:

  • Enhanced Integration: PDQ offers robust integration with Shopify, which automates the order entry and tracking process, significantly reducing manual work and the potential for errors.
  • Customization and Flexibility: PDQ's platform allowed Levain to implement custom rules and batch processes, which streamlined their operations, particularly in handling different types of orders and printables like labels and gift cards that include the ingredients of the cookies in the order, among many others.
  • Improved Customer Experience: With PDQ, Levain ensures that all cookies are shipped so that they arrive within two days, maintaining the freshness and quality that they are known for.

Gustavo highlighted the benefits of switching to PDQ,

"PDQ didn’t just meet our needs; they exceeded them by adapting their platform to enhance our operational efficiency dramatically."

The Results

Since integrating PDQ into their workflow, Levain Bakery has seen substantial improvements:

  • Operational Efficiency: The automation and integration capabilities of PDQ have saved time and reduced errors in Levain’s shipping processes. 
  • Scalability: PDQ's solution scales seamlessly with Levain's growth, efficiently handling large volumes of orders during peak seasons.
  • Customer Satisfaction: The reliability and speed of PDQ's shipping services have led to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Reflecting on the impact of PDQ, Gustavo said:

"The change to PDQ was crucial. It allowed us to handle volume and speed efficiently, especially during high-demand periods, which was something we struggled with before."


Levain Bakery's partnership with PrettyDamnQuick has not only optimized their shipping and fulfillment processes but also enhanced their overall e-commerce strategy. This transition supports their goal of providing fresh, delicious cookies to their customers promptly, no matter the volume or season. 

PDQ has set a new standard in shipping logistics for Levain, exemplifying how tailored, flexible shipping solutions can revolutionize operations for growing businesses. Gustavo’s final thoughts underscore the success of this partnership: 

"I'm glad we made the change to PDQ. It has allowed us to scale our operations and improve our customer service significantly."

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