May 7, 2024

How All Fresh Seafood fulfills & delivers the freshest seafood in record time

After 23 years of selling fresh seafood from their flagship store Pescatore Seafood Co. in Grand Central Terminal, COVID hit NYC and Pescatore’s owners had to slow revenue by 80% nearly overnight. But they quickly relaunched operations, this time online, where they listed over 300 of their products on their Shopify store, All Fresh Seafood. 

Now they’re seeing 100% YoY growth, with their customers happier than ever. All Fresh Seafood co-owner Jerry Bocchino sat with us to discuss how they use PrettyDamnQuick to offer better delivery options, fulfill quickly, and deliver their delicious seafood all over, right on time. 

Jerry said that before trying PrettyDamnQuick “things were disorganized, and we definitely weren’t getting the best rates”. They faced some time-sucking issues too:

“I would print out every single order - it took me hours!”. 

But he wasn’t sold from the start: “I was nervous about learning a new thing, and we were kind of set in our ways” he said, but when PrettyDamnQuick’s CEO Avi Moskowitz promised him a smoother, less costly delivery operation, he decided to give it a chance.

“The implementation and support were great”

Once Jerry mapped out their operational flow, PDQ quickly got to work. It didn’t take long for the All Fresh Seafood team to see the difference:

 “It immediately streamlined a ton, and removed lots of stress”. What took hours a day now takes 15 minutes. We have it all automated, with packing slips too”

This alone frees up a large part of his day to focus on growing the business. 

Customers are happier too (and aligned on arrival expectations)

Before PDQ, orders would sometimes arrive late, disappointing customers. And after all, shipping is vital with fresh seafood,

“nobody wants their fish a day late” 

Another issue was the perception of the shipment spending a long time in transit: as soon as their order arrived at the warehouse, customers would get an automatic notification that their order was already on its way. This was way before it was fulfilled. Now, customers are only notified once their order is packed and the shipment really is on its way, so customers know just how fresh their order is. 

Much better shipping options

Customers now also have more delivery options. Instead of every customer and order seeing the same shipping options in checkout, delivery options are dynamic,  based on their order’s products, shipping location, check-out time, and more: “they’re now able to choose priority overnight, same-day, or ground for frozen goods. But if you order mussels or other products that can’t be frozen - we only offer faster options”.

The right warehouse for every order

Not just the checkout, but their order fulfillment is now automatic and efficient: “It works perfectly. If an order comes in and it contains frozen goods, it gets pushed to the right warehouse. If it also contains fresh goods, it gets sent to another warehouse.“

Next up: more delivery zones

Jerry says he’s already working with the PrettyDamnQuick team to map out new delivery zones on the West Coast where they’re planning on rolling out fulfillment and deliveries of their delicious seafood.

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