July 8, 2024

A Perfect Fit: How onewith Swim Tested & Grew Revenue with PDQ

A bit about onewith Swim

onewith Swim, founded by Hayley Segar in 2021, revolutionizes the swimwear industry with its patent-pending swimsuits designed to fit like no-show underwear. Operating as a fully bootstrapped startup, onewith has experienced significant growth through viral moments and by addressing a specific market need.

First, the results:

By A/B testing on their checkout, onewith saw:

  1. 8.6% increase in conversion rate
  2. $104,000+ revenue uplift 
  3. Introduced a middle shipping option to balance customer incentives with operational sustainability.
  4. Significant reduction in customer service inquiries & tickets

The Challenge

Before PDQ, onewith relied on the standard Shopify checkout process, which lacked customization and flexibility. The brand faced challenges in offering a range of shipping options, having initially provided only free shipping for all orders—a strategy that was financially unsustainable and as one consultant said was “like running a charity”. 

They then had two options, a free shipping option and a $28.99 express option. The absence of a mid-tier shipping option left a gap that was needed to optimize customer experience and operational efficiency.

In addition, a lack of an accurate delivery promise meant that they were losing some shoppers that wanted to know exactly when they'd get their order, and a "massive" amount of tickets to customer support asking where their orders were.

So shipping options weren't optimal, not for onewith, and not for their shoppers.

Pre-PDQ shipping options

The Solution

PDQ presented a transformative solution for onewith, enabling the brand to refine and customize its checkout experience significantly. By introducing PDQ, onewith could offer branded shipping options, implement a threshold for free shipping, and introduce an in-between shipping option to bridge the gap between free and express shipping. 

This customization extended to the product detail page (PDP), where PDQ's delivery promise feature informed customers of the expected delivery dates, enhancing transparency and trust.

“I just ask PDQ to change something and it happens, I don’t have to lift a finger”

PDQ's A/B testing capabilities enabled onewith to experiment with different shipping methods and pricing strategies, tailoring the checkout experience to maximize conversion and customer satisfaction. The flexibility to quickly adjust shipping options in response to operational changes, like taking express shipping off during certain weekends was invaluable.

“We’ve A/B tested so many different things. For example, returning customers seeing a discounted shipping method, discounted express options,  or discounted priority, all of which was awesome...I'm honestly very glad that you guys make me run tests because sometimes the findings are really surprising."

The integration of PDQ led to notable improvements in several key areas:

  1. Increased Conversion Rates: The introduction of PDQ saw a lift in conversion rates at checkout, attributable to the added shipping options and the clarity provided by estimated delivery dates.
  2. Reduced Customer Service Inquiries: The clear communication of delivery expectations significantly decreased the volume of customer service tickets related to shipping queries.
  3. Flexibility and Customization: The ability to rapidly implement changes and test different strategies through PDQ enhanced onewith's agility and responsiveness to market demands.

In conclusion, PDQ has offered onewith a level of customization, efficiency, and customer insight that has directly contributed to the brand's growth and customer satisfaction. It really highlights the importance of adaptable, customer-focused solutions in the competitive e-commerce landscape. We can’t wait for what’s still to come!

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