July 8, 2024

How Harney’s increased delivery revenue and checkout conversion rates

Harney is known for their high-quality tea found at the likes of Four Seasons Hotels and Barnes & Noble. Back in 1994, Harney & Sons got the idea to start selling their teas online. In the 25 years since, they’ve managed to build a large D2C business, growing revenue to over 30% of their total revenue.

Since moving to Shopify back in 2014, they’ve seen huge growth and customer demand. Especially during and after the pandemic, where they saw “crazy growth”, as Emeric Harney, part of the Harney family who heads up their marketing and D2C business.

Harney’s wanted to increase conversion rates and provide a reliable delivery experience

When exploring PDQ as a solution, Harney’s had two major goals: 

(1) Increase conversion at the point of sale. “The largest thing we wanted to see was,” said Harney. “can we improve the conversion rate by offering more delivery options with reliable delivery expectations?”

(2) Provide a reliable delivery experience. “We wanted to improve our ability to get the packages out in a good time to our customers,” said Harney. “Over the last couple of years, especially during the holiday season, we've seen that expectations of when things are going to deliver and the reality of when they actually deliver, don't always sync. And that doesn’t provide the experience we want to deliver for our customers.”

Conversion rates rose, delivery expectations were met,
and shipping revenue grew by $70k

“Implementation was pretty simple,” said Harney. That made it even easier for Harney’s to see value faster. While they implemented PDQ primarily for conversion rates, “we did a test to see if we could increase shipping revenue. We saw that over a 30-day period, we were able to increase shipping revenue by about $70k annually.”

They also see that conversion rates are rising for their customers due to the precise delivery dates and expanded shipping options. 

Finally, the delivery experience. Harney says that the ability to “over-deliver on certain delivery dates makes customers happy. And that little element of surprise and delight is certainly something that is important to us.”

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