May 7, 2024

How Teri Jon upgraded their checkout & delivery with PrettyDamnQuick

Teri Jon is the designer brand at affordable prices for every occasion — from work to weddings to the red carpet. They’re sold globally in luxury department stores like Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus and beloved by celebrities like Oprah, Meryl Streep, and Katie Couric. 

We sat down with Leora Platt to discuss: 

  1. Ways PDQ has made their fulfillment more efficient and affordable
  2. How Teri Jon leverages tech to reduce shipping mistakes & costs
  3. PDQ's dedication to responsiveness and innovation
"With PDQ, you're talking about a robust company with the most intelligent employees who offer so much more than just that one service because they understand the whole ecosystem." 

How PDQ Made Teri Jon’s Fulfillment Efficient

Leora was first introduced to PDQ through a mutual business friend. PDQ is innovative in its field, and the mutual friend affirmed Teri Jon could really benefit from working with them. 

After all, Teri Jon is highly growth-oriented, so they're always happy to take recommendations. 

They began a partnership, hoping PDQ could create and improve efficiencies as Teri Jon scaled. 

Improved Transparency & Saved Costs

PDQ provides extraordinary transparency into the delivery process, especially shipping fees.

“That alone will ultimately lead to financial savings,” Leora explains. “In real-time, it calculates what's the most cost-effective way to ship a package. And we know that shipping fees are so expensive, especially in this day and age.” 

The system also helps Teri Jon easily organize, batch, and verify orders to ensure they aren't sending packages to the wrong addresses. “The technology that PDQ has is pretty outstanding.” 

PDQ Provides Premier Product & Client Support Experiences

In the past, Teri Jon batched back all of their orders and then sent them out.

Now, they have the option to sort orders based on shipping times and warehouse location through PDQ.
They can also separate out pre-orders.

PDQ also saved them time. But, according to Leora, there were other benefits:

“You're not just getting some good software. You're also working with a robust company of intelligent employees committed to outstanding service and responsiveness. Usually, when you sign on with a SaaS company, they're great throughout the onboarding process and then disappear. If you hit a roadblock, good luck finding someone to help you.

The PDQ team is the polar opposite, offering much more than one service because they understand the entire shipping ecosystem”.

She recounts:

“We asked [the PDQ team] for a certain level of reporting that no one else was able to provide on Shopify.”

Teri Jon’s team had tried finding solutions on Shopify for this level of reporting, but there were none. Notably, while this function wasn’t core to PDQ’s business responsibilities, the team was able to come up with and execute a fully developed reporting solution in less than a week.

In Leora’s words, “That was pretty amazing.”

It’s a matter of minutes between sending an email and receiving a reply and solution from PDQ.

Continuing to Grow Alongside PDQ

PDQ is able to make constant improvements because they’re experts in fulfillment tech. While the Teri Jon team are experts in eCommerce and the dressmaking and designing spaces, digital order fulfillment is PDQ’s unique area of expertise. 

Ultimately, Teri Jon partners with PDQ to grow, learn, refine, and execute top-notch fulfillment. As PDQ develops best practices and implementations, Teri Jon benefits too. 

“We're growing, learning, and refining just as PDQ continues to make changes in implementations. As they develop their best practices, we're the beneficiaries.”

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