Easily manage order-to-delivery
Manage every aspect of your
logistics on one platform,
starting from customer checkout
all the way to delivery. Enjoy fast
setup and integrations—get up
and running in hours,
not weeks.
Get a modern workspace to:
✅ Manage exceptions (no failed deliveries)
✅ Ship using any carrier with lowest rate
✅ Deliver every shipment on-time
✅ Automate repetitive processes
And lots more...
Delivery Workspace PDQ
Fulfillment flows that scale quickly & error-free
Never delay an order because of
a wrong address ever again. Save
money on errors and returns by
eliminating inaccurate and
duplicate deliveries. Automate
and streamline repetitive
processes, and free up time to
focus on sales.
✅ Match orders with their ideal packages
✅ Manage in-house fulfillment and/or 3PLs
✅ Split orders (pre-orders, multiple inventories, etc)
✅ Print everything: pick slips, shipping labels, gift notes, return labels, manifests, and more...

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The Basics
Number of orders a month
Above 8,000
AI Shipping Optimization
Unlimited account users
150+ shipping carriers
Order batching & label printing
Multi-location support
Quickflows (automated rules)
Connect your shop (Shopify, Wix, WooCommerce, & more)
Smart filters and order tagging
Manifests & shipment tracking
Activity history
Unique Features (only we have)
Rate shopping engine guarantees on-time delivery at cheapest rate
3PL integrations to assign orders and track from fulfillment to door
Extensive printing features (custom packing slips, gift notes, brochures & more)
Smart batch by any criteria
Robust, quick pick & pack module built for peak times
Split & merge orders for multi location shipments and pre-orders
Hold and snooze orders for more control
Order verification to ensure deliverability (fraud prevention, shippable address, inventory/weather issues, & more)
360° order to delivery view integrating CRMs and Email solutions (Gorgias, Klaviyo & more)
Superpower Features (what you really need)
Team collaboration designed to maximize team work and minimize human error
Warehouse routing with smart pick-list support using BIN locations
Shipping rules and service level optimization using PDQ's "Best Match" engine
2 way connection with your e-commerce or ERP for one source of truth
Real time sync every new order and update
Support all deliveries with one workflow (Shipping, Pickup, Ship from Store, Local delivery and international)
24/7 chat + Slack customer support & success with delivery experts
Discounted shipping rates on international, domestic, regional and local carriers
Pick a plan to get started
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A few FAQs:

Is there Enterprise pricing available?

Yep! We work with a number of enterprise-level shops.

Reach out to sales@prettydamnquick.com for all the details.

Which delivery solutions can I use?

With PrettyDamnQuick you can use virtually all carriers and delivery services.

In-store pickup, ship from store, same-day local delivery, regional, national, International, and more.

Learn more on our Carriers page.

Can I integrate my existing tools and carriers?

Yes! PrettyDamnQuick can integrate with your existing tools and workflows, and even use your existing carrier accounts and contracts.

How long does it take to learn?

Teams can get started and fully onboarded in hours.

It's that quick.

From customer support editing orders and checking delivery status,

to the warehouse team batching and fulfilling shipments,

to managers reviewing it all,

it's a quick setup that we do together with you.

Get started and we'll show you how.

Where can I learn more?

We love talking shipping and delivery and showing off what PrettyDamnQuick can do!
Book a call with us to have a chat and/or a product demo, or just check out our support center.

Which exceptions can I manage in Verify?

PDQ's Verify screen checks every order for any exceptions that'll result in an order failing to deliver.

That includes:

- Wrong phone numbers

- Misspelled addresses

- Upcoming weather issues

- Out of stock products

- Mismatched orders & packages

- Wrong inventory locations

And lots more!