Get never before seen Shopify data
Analyze your checkout performance:

✅ Exit rate analytics for every checkout stage
✅ Abandoned carts by state & city
✅ Tax related abandonment analysis
✅ Correlations of abandonments & shipping costs
✅ Rates for abandoned carts & delivery times
✅ First time vs returning shopper checkout behavior
Measure your shipping revenue
Average shipping revenue per order is a powerful metric. Optimizing yours is the difference between a profitable shipping operation, and a loss leader.

Learn the metrics that improve shipping revenues:

✅ Analyze the performance of every delivery method
✅ Get visibility on the revenue generated by delivery methods
✅ Compare your shipping revenue with industry benchmarks
✅ Find uplift opportunities for various delivery methods
✅ Find correlations between shipping revenues & AOV
✅ Balance shipping revenues & retention rates

In-depth DTC data for smarter decisions

Measure every delivery & carrier
To compete with big brands (and Amazon!) delivering on-time is a must. Analyze all your delivery methods and carriers to start improving delivery costs and performance.

Track shipments & carriers:

✅ Measure carriers by delivery times
✅ Easily reconcile service level agreements
✅ Learn transit times based on geography
✅ Analyze exceptions per carriers and service level
✅ Corroborate delivery promises and arrivals
Beat customers' click-to-door expectations
Amazon is pushing the boundaries of Click-to-Door times for a reason.
It's a top metric for improving customer satisfaction.

Improve your time to delivery:

✅ Map out bottlenecks per carrier
✅ Flag delivery durations by city & state
✅ Compete in specific regions with click-to-door