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Convert More with Smarter Shipping
Manage every aspect of your
logistics on one platform,
starting from customer checkout
all the way to delivery. Enjoy fast
setup and integrations—get up
and running in hours,
not weeks.
Give shoppers personalized checkout experiences with the delivery options and arrival times that push them to click through and check out.
An Ongoing Uplift
Never delay an order because of
a wrong address ever again. Save
money on errors and returns by
eliminating inaccurate and
duplicate deliveries. Automate
and streamline repetitive
processes, and free up time to
focus on sales.
Conversion boosts aren't a one-time thing. 
We continually optimize your checkout with:

✅ A/B tests for your best converting options
✅ Data driven cut-off times for shipping zones
✅ Accurate and aggressive "Arrives By" dates
✅ Geo-fenced delivery options for shipping zones

Every cart gets a personalized checkout experience with that customer's ideal shipping options. It's a new way of thinking about shipping in checkout, and it really works.
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The Essentials
Number of orders a month
Above 8,000
Checkout delivery methods
Accurate delivery arrival times
Live rates (for local, domestic, international carriers)
Calculated processing days
Alternative delivery methods
Backup shipping rates
🦄 Features Unique to PDQ
A/B testing on messaging, rates & arrival times
Package matching for dimensional packing
Robust product & customer shipping rules
Geo-fencing & cut-off times
Multi-location support
Product page delivery promise
Shipping promise tracking & delivery insights
Daily capacity rules per method
🚀 Growth Drivers Unique to PDQ
Checkout conversion & revenue audit
Klaviyo & Gorgias delivery exceptions triggers
Customer segment & loyalty features
Markups, round up or down with .99 option
Rate optimization settings
Multi-shipping profiles support
Checkout extensions
Subscription apps support
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A few FAQs:

How is PDQ’s Checkout Uplift better than Shopify’s standard checkout?

Checkout Uplift adds so many revenue boosting capabilities unavailable with Shopify’s standard checkout.

In fact, we guarantee better conversion than Shopify's.

Try it, we're up for the challenge!

Some examples include: 

- Use segments to uniquely optimize each checkout to each customer

- Accurate delivery arrival times that take an order’s processing time into account

- Rate optimization settings

- Shipping options displayed based on geo-fenced delivery zones and cutoff times

- Reward loyal customers with free or discounted shipping rates

- Plug & play same-day delivery options

- Subscription apps support

- Klavyio and Gorgias delivery exceptions triggers

- Markups, round up or down with .99 option

Can I get an audit of my checkout?

Yes! We offer a free checkout audit where we review your checkout for all kinds of revenue optimizations that will boost your conversion rate and shipping revenues.

Just sign up and ask, you'll find valuable and actionable insights guaranteed!

Do you guarantee a revenue uplift?

Yes. We guarantee additional revenues from either increased conversion rates or new shipping revenues, but its usually both.

We use our scientific process to A/B test everything about your checkout and delivery processes.

That's why we can confidently guarantee a revenue uplift, or your money back.

How soon can I start optimizing my checkout?

Contact us or sign up here and we'll have an audit out to you in 2-3 business days.

You can then put our recommendations to use immediately to increase conversion and revenues.

We'll be running A/B tests to continually improve the metrics that matter.

To get started right away, email